Get Involved

From joining clubs to meeting professionals, there are countless ways to get involved in STEM. Below is a list of some great ways to immerse yourself in the field & learn more about it!

Attend Events & Competitions

There are countless STEM events & competitions for you to attend. Try going to locally or nationally/internationally held events. If you do not want to compete in one, you can simply watch all the fun & excitement! 

Visit the events page for a list of thrilling nation & international competitions.

Participate in Challenges

If your looking to use your innovation & creativity, partaking in challenges may be the perfect way for you to get involved in STEM! You can join in on local contests or national/international ones. 

Visit the challenges page for a list of fun national & international contests.

Use STEM Resources

STEM websites & online resources can teach you how to use technology through activities and games! 

Visit the resources page for a list of fun, educational STEM websites.

Join a Club

STEM clubs & organizations allow you to learn more about the field, make lasting friendships, and have tons of fun!

Look for coding clubs, science clubs, environmental clubs, or robotics clubs at your school or in your community. 

Research Fields

Researching STEM fields & topics is a great way to find what you are interested in. 

Try looking into some fields & occupations from this list. 

STEM fields & occupations

Meet Professionals

One of the best ways to learn more about STEM is to talk to an expert. See if your friends, family, or school have connections to professionals.

Follow STEM News

Keeping up with STEM in the news is a great way to stay involved & informed. 

Below you can see the latest news on Google for science & technology. 

Science news       Technology news

Do Activities & Workshops

Participating in activities, & workshops is a great way to get involved in STEM. You can learn about countless applications of STEM and work on exciting projects! 

Look for workshops, programs, & camps in your community or at local schools.

Earn Girl Scout Badges

If you are a Girl Scout, you can get involved in STEM by earning badges. There is a coding basics badge, digital movie maker badge, digital game design badge, and many more!

See if any from this list spark your interest.

Girl Scout STEM badges 

Take STEM Classes

As you get into middle school & high school, you will have more opportunities to take STEM classes at your school.

Try out coding classes, engineering classes, additional science classes, or additional math classes.