Emerging Fields

STEM is constantly growing & changing. From electric cars to robot assistants, many exciting innovations have come about recently. Below is a list of some of the latest & greatest fields in STEM.

Green Technology

With the push for sustainability amid climate change concerns, the field of green technology has grown immensely in recent times. This field focuses on making all aspects of our daily lives more eco-friendly.

Some of the latest innovations include

–  Electric cars

– Wind energy

– Green architecture

– Solar energy

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR & VR allow us to see an alternate world. Augmented reality lets us see things in our world that are not really there, and virtual reality allows us to exist in an entirely different space. The possibilities for this field are endless!  

Some of the latest innovations include 

– VR work training

– The metaverse

– AR & VR in games

– AR & VR for businesses


Medical Technology

The medical field is always advancing, and recent technology has allowed it to take big leaps. More and more, healthcare organizations are using digital & robotic means to carry out their services.

Some of the latest innovations include

– Digital health monitoring

– CRISPR (gene editing technology)

– More effective vaccines

– Nano-medicine

Artificial Intelligence

As the world becomes more complicated & connected, there has been a major push for automation & the use of robots’ profound intelligence. Robots are now being used to complete both simple, repetitive tasks & difficult, precise tasks. 

Some of the latest innovations include

– Self-driving cars

– Robot assistants

– Machine learning

– Robots in the workforce

3D Printing

3D printing is revolutionary technology. Scientists can now print complex creations with extreme precision. With the ability to 3D print with many materials, this field has enormous potential. 

Some of the latest innovations include 

– 3D printed organs

– 3D printed production parts

– 3D printed houses

– Customized products

Computer Science

Things are progressively moving more & more online. Imagine what life would be like without the internet! Computer science works to expand & improve digital capabilities, making it a rapidly growing field. 

Some of the latest innovations include 

– 5G network

– Digital automation

– Blockchain (a secure network for transactions)

– Enhanced cybersecurity