Although STEM is commendable in many regards, there is a lack of diversity within the field. Women and people of color tend to be unevenly represented in careers related to science and math. This is commonly due to stereotypes about who can pursue STEM or a lack of access to technology.


Below are some statistics on this issue from 2019 by the Pew Research Center.

According to the study, women make up only 25% of computer-related jobs & 15% of engineering jobs. They are also overrepresented in healthcare jobs, making up 74% of the workforce.  

Additionally, the study shows that there is inequality between racial groups in STEM. Black & Hispanic people are underrepresented in almost all fields, while Asian & White people are overrepresented. 

Below is a link to the full report.

Pew Research Report 

Why It Matters

This lack of diversity has serious implications. Diversity is crucial for many aspects of STEM, especially innovation. Having people from different backgrounds at the table allows for more ideas to be shared and more perspectives to be heard. 

Below is a video by the National Science Foundation that highlights why diversity in STEM is so important. 

My Mission

As someone who has experienced this issue firsthand, I know just how discouraging it can be. When you are the only one in the room who looks a certain way, you start to ask yourself, “Do I belong here?”. From all my knowledge and experience, I can assure you that you do. If you are interested in pursuing STEM as a career, never let the lack of diversity in the field stop you. 

The reason I created this website was to heighten the interests’ of children from all different backgrounds in STEM and make information & resources easily accessible to them. With this, I hope to help them grow into STEM. 


Below are some resources & organizations working to increase diversity in STEM. 

It might take a long time, but together we will eventually resolve this issue!