For Educators

Below is a presentation about STEM that helps students evaluate what they are interested in and shares ways that they can get involved in the field. I have included two hands-on activities, videos, and slides for class discussions throughout it. 


Below are links to my presentation and materials for one of the activities. Please print out a plant template & a leaf cut-out page for each of your students. 

The other materials you will need are:

– Pencils 

– Scissors

– Glue

– Tape

 Paper for other activity (5-10 pages for small groups of about 4-6 students)

– Small balls (if you have received the robotics lab-in-a-box kit you could use the balls in that)


I created this presentation to help middle school students visualize their interests’ in STEM. The main message I want to send them is that if you get involved in STEM, you might see your interest in it rapidly grow. Here is the STEM interest plant I think I would have made in 6th grade, and here is the one I have now going into 10th grade.

You will find speaker notes throughout the presentation to guide you through each slide. At the end, please encourage your students to visit this website. Thank you for using my work!

Below are some photos from when I did this presentation.